Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chapter 1: Part B

Not quite as long as the first one, but it is still another paragraph. Please tell me your thoughts about writing in both first and third person or whether it should be completely in third.
6:27 am
Private Brian was struggling to keep his eyes open. He hated when he was given nightshift on a boring job. They had been watching this location for over a month, the upper ranks were convinced that there was something worth their valuable time. He was just about to start packing up his equipment for the end of his shift when he saw a commotion on the roof. He peered through his binoculars and saw a kid looking around frantically. Brian quickly moved to his Modular Sniper Rifle and looked through his scope. The kid looked no older than 17. He looked like he had been starved for months and was pale. The thing that stood out the most though, was the scared look on his face. The look was of utter terror and Brian had seen nothing like it, not even on the faces of men who knew they were about to die. Brian made the decision to help the boy. He grabbed his Adaptive Combat Rifle off of the ground and started to run towards the building. He reached the building in under a minute because of his fitness and agility training. He stopped just outside the door. He pulled his radio from his belt and tuned into the right channel. He pressed the button and spoke loud and clearly into the speaker. “Private Brian, Project 6, Movement on roof, requesting helicopter, over”. He put his radio back into his belt. He drew his pistol and entered the room. The ground floor was a reception room. The desks were marble lined with gold, on a varnished wood floor. The doors were the same colour as the floor, and had a golden doorknob. The receptionist’s reaction was expected. Seeing an armed man walk into their workplace always caused panic and fear.  Brian warned them not to activate an alarm of any sort. He ran quickly to the fire escape door and ran up. He didn’t bother to check the rooms on the way up, he just sprinted to the top of the stairs.

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